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Interested in private 1:1 sessions for parent coaching? I’m a Certified Parent Coach through The Jai Institute for Parenting. Private coaching is a powerful way to explore what’s coming up for you in your relationship with yourself and with your child. Let’s get to the root of your feelings and your needs as a parent. 

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Would you like to explore 1:1 or group coaching for your child? I’m a Certified Kid Coach through Adventures in Wisdom. My Life Coaching for Kids involves coaching through the art of storytelling!  Stories can provide a unique opportunity for interactive conversation and honestly, what child doesn’t love to hear a good story?

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Mastermind groups are the equivalent to a creative think tank! As the facilitator of the group, I offer valuable parenting content and as a member, you get to share your experiences – what’s working /not working. We learn and grow together because we all want to be THE BEST version of ourselves for our kids!

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A judge free, safe space for parents to say it out loud



Have you lost the joy of parenting or just simply want to explore new and effective ways to parent? Do you feel frustrated when your child doesn’t listen? Do you long for peace but stay stuck in a never ending cycle of insanity?

As a REAL TALK Parent Coach, I create a JUDGE FREE, safe space for parents to say it out loud. Those ugly, messy thoughts might be cringe worthy, but they are real and they get to be heard. 

I coach parents who are committed to FIGURING OUT WHAT WORKS. Parents who are willing to look inward to see how they are showing up can create the space for their kids to show up as their best self!

How Coaching Helps

Let’s take a deep dive into where you are as a parent right now, and where you want to be. Private Coaching is not for the faint of heart. It takes work and commitment and the ultimate prize is you getting to be THE BEST magnificent version of you – for yourself and for your child. What could possibly be better? 

Would you like your child to have more self-confidence? Be more decisive? Does your child express negative self talk like “I can’t do it” or "I'm so dumb"?

Supporting children when they are younger provides the opportunity for them to grow up with a lot less of the “grungies”. When these negative feelings are left unattended, they can cause very serious problems in the future. I am genuinely driven to help children get that they matter – all of them – and to teach them that self love is the foundation for true happiness. Through my Wisdom Coaching stories, your child will learn how to step into their power and embrace their own beautiful uniqueness. They will also learn to take responsibility for their actions and choices, all while having F.U.N.! The universal tools I teach will last a lifetime.

Kid Coaching is an investment into your child's future! You are truly setting them up for success in every way possible.



Hover over the boxes below to discover the content of each Adventures in Wisdom Skill Book! My Life Coaching for Kids involves lessons and take-away tools through the art of storytelling. What child doesn’t like to hear a good story?

MindPower TM

Understand the Power of Your Mind and
Why You Achieve What You Believe!
* How Your Mind Shapes Your World...and What You Can Do to Shape Your Mind
* Power of Possibility – Why You Achieve What You Believe (The Good & the Bad)
* Building Neural Pathways – How to Create Your Path to Success
* The Secret Radar in Your Brain – How to Use Your RAS to Achieve Your Goals
* Power Shifting – How to Choose Your Power Even When Things Don’t Go Your Way

MePower TM

How to Develop Soaring Self-Esteem
and Powerful Self-Confidence!
* I Love Me! How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem
* I Honor Me! How to Be Yourself and Honor Your Uniqueness
* I Believe in Me! How to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence
* Self-Talk – Mastering the Secret Behind Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
* Self-Coaching – How to Conquer the Day-to-Day Ups & Downs & Create Daily Mastery

InnerPower TM

How to Think for Yourself, Make Good Decisions,
and Stand Up to Peer Pressure!
* The Power of Self-Responsibility – How to Be “The Boss of Me”
* Choosing Integrity – What You Do When No One is Looking
* Make Your Mark with Respect – Understanding Your Impact on Others
* Make Your Mark with Self-Respect – Understanding Your Impact on You
* How to Make Good Decisions – Choosing What You Want for You

DreamPower TM

Create Your Vision, Achieve Your Goals,
and Manifest Your Dreams!
* Creating Your Vision – What Do You Want?
* Goal Setting – How to Turn Your Vision into Action!
* Law of Attraction – Using Attraction and Action to Manifest Your Goals
* Visualization – How Winning in Your Mind Creates Winning in Life!
* Affirmations – How to Program Your Mind to Reach Your Goals
* Gratitude - How an Attitude of Gratitude Prepares You for Your Dreams

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Only $300 for 3 months of Next Level parenting discussions.

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Proud mom of a brilliant 14 yr old boy, stepmom to two amazing mid-20 yr olds and a loving co-guardian to a soon-to-be, high school grad! As you can see, I’ve been interacting with kids in my personal life for many years.


My journey as a Professional Kid Coach started several years ago and through that venture, I organically started coaching parents, too. You can count on me to use my vast experience and extensive training to support your family wherever you need it – whether for healing, learning effective communication, or how each family member can become accountable in word and deed – I’m ready to help!

I am a Certified Kid Coach through Adventures in Wisdom, a Certified Mindfulness instructor through Mindful Schools, a Certified Parent Coach through The Jai Institute for Parenting. And… I am certifiably PASSIONATE about what I do.

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